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IT Security Services

Our IT Security services help the organization to identify technical security vulnerabilities and the measures required to mitigate them. This is essential to prevent a potential cyber-attack or data breach.

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Do not forget the basics- know your technical security weakness and mitigate them.


Vulnerability Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities and missing patches across platform components; we help you with prioritized set of actionable reports for effective mitigation of vulnerabilities.


Cloud Security Reviews

Our cloud security reviews help you implement a secured architecture by design and assure relevant controls are identified, implemented and maintained in a secured manner.


Web & mobile application security testing

Identify and report on vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications. The approach is as how a hacker would try and gain (unauthorized) access to your network or make a fraudulent transaction or simply copy sensitive data.


Platform Security Services

Identify technical security configuration issues across widely used Technology platforms such as OS, databases, networking, and security devices.

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